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Meri Jaan…TV Drama @ Hum

Main story of “Meri Jaan” revolves around a glamorous TV star played by Nadia Jameel,this drama is in its initial stages but still it is very clear that drama have lack in characterization of main role. Nadia is considered a good actress,however she was not able to transform in to the glamours star, the body language , style every thing spells Nadia Jameel.. may be the director , or producers should have paid more attention to the details….actors should be able to hide their own personality to portray a character.

“Meri Jaan “drama have mystery,investigations and police in story line too those roles are played by, Shabeer Jan, ZQ, and Deepak Perwani.
This time Humayun Saeed, is trying to do something different at last!
Adnan Siddiquie, looks very tired or at least not his handsome self.  Faisal Qureishi is in a challenging role, which he seems to play very well…


Reshman to Atif…. a Tribute to Reshman

This was a beautiful evening when young singers like Atif Aslam payed tribute to our Golden voice ever Reshman at Lux award,08…. every one seemed moved by his singing and Reshman’s presence…. a must watch!

“Manchalay”@ Hum TV

 Hum Tvhave some thing refreshing about its telecast , which keeps viewers glued to this channel… recent Drama Manchalay with good cast and excellent direction by Roomi Insha , is most entertaining…

Serious issues addressed with humor.

Qavi khan  is handling his role well…. so is Seemi  as his wife. 

Farhan Ali Agha is may be  doing his best performance ever…. as an insecure husband who appears nerdy but wanted  more glamour in his wife… at time he is hilarious.

Sanam Baloch , Hina Dilpazeer and two” Bahoos “are excellent… script is good and  is at  good pace since from the beginning…  Whole cast  is  very justified.

Dil Diya Dehleez at Hum TV

The camera pans a large yellow-tinged haveli–this is the opening sequence for Hum TV’s drama serial ‘Dil Diya Dehleez’. The basic storyline revolves around lust, betrayal, and a ton of secrets that have placed a considerable burden on the Khan family.

Without giving too much away, Javeria Abbasi plays a village girl named Zaitoon Bano who ends up a maid in the Khan household. Her actions eventually harm the marriage of Yawar Ali Khan (played by Farhan Ali Agha) and Nazneen (played by the charming Sarah Chaudhry).

What I really enjoyed in this drama is the unique use of Time. There are three separate time frames at play here: the Present, the distant Past, and the recent Past. Storyline movement is pretty much smooth, and most actors are able to pull off the requirement of their roles–whether they are playing a feudal lord or a dutiful personal assistant.

What I thought could be improved was primarily the attire and overall ambiance of the drama. It was quite a lazy effort, as the clothes or the furniture do not indicate which decade it is. In the Present all the girls are wearing short shirts and long skirts–whereas in the Past, all the ladies were wearing narrow-legged pajamas. Pakistan has a considerable portfolio of fashion design and even architecture to choose from–even if the original novel has not outlined the years–the production team easily could do so.

Despite the stretched flashback, I would give DDD a thumbs up–as the production quality is strong, the plot is reasonably believable (the credit goes to the author), and the two key songs (‘Jhootey Tere Nain’ and title song ‘Kaho Ko To’ ) add considerable depth to the serial.

Chal Diye-Coke Studio

Ye Haryali… Ye Aasmaan….
Ye Ghataa Meri Raazdaan..
Ye Haryali… Ye Aasmaan….
Ye Ghataan Meri Raazdaan..
Raat Kay Pehlo Mein Diye
Tere Liye Hain Bichae
Tera Haath Thaam… Kay Lo Hum Bhi Chal Diye….
Hum Bhi Chal Diye….

Swept away–the only way to describe the experience that is ‘Chal Diye’. It sounds like Tina Sani has done it once again!–except this was not sung by her. The up-and-coming Zeb and Haniya performed this ballad, along with the ever-talented Javed Bashir.
Click the link above, grab some chai and enjoy! 🙂

Hero bannay ki Tarang! ( ary digital)

Above mentioned reality show is a  good concept for our younger generation,,, there are so many talented people who might get to show their acting skills…and become our new Shan. 

Hunt is on for a Hero for Syed Noor’s movie.

Programme is hosted by Faisal Quraishi, and Judged by Raisham, Syed Noor, and Afzal( rambo fame) they are  doing their job well… over all very entertaining   and interesting presentation …. some time  we get to see some really funny characters too.

 Some participants   showed” namastey styled thanks” to judges… which is usually because they just opened their eyes in last two decades or so and  while  watching Indian channels  all the  time, to understand “that “was a thing only belongs” there” not” needed here”.

   That is the down side of media ,people  do get influenced right or wrong both reasons…

IIFA Awards 2009 on Geo TV

This year’s IIFA awards show could have been easily called Bachan-palooza. From the red carpet interviews to the actual s how itself–the cameras inevitably showed on or another member of the Bachan clan. The awards broke with tradition to introduce a new series of accolades-the “Actor” “Music Director” “Film” of the Decade award.

The first to receive one of these special IIFA’s was Aishwarya Rai-Bachan. While there is no denying her impact on Bollywood, Ash has been visibly absent from the recent stream of movies. Save for the once-in-every-five-years Ashutosh Gowariker movie–in this case ‘Jodha Akbar’- Aishwarya has had no great commercial hits at the box office in recent years.

'Its mine?! Its mine!!'

'Its mine?! Its mine!!'

Then there was Big B’s offspring, Abhishek Bachan, who was getting over emotional and teary-eyed over receiving an award for his comedic performance in ‘Dostana’. While it IS in honor, it is not like Abhishek won an Oscar. Had he won an Oscar–or at least an award for the Male Lead in a motion picture-we could have tolerated the blubbering, and the trip down memory lane to his dreams & childhood aspirations.

Performing to Genda Phool song

Performing to Genda Phool song

What tops its all was Abhishek Bachan’s-well frankly I don’t know what to call it. He kind of jiggle-waddled from the middle of the audience to the stage in super bright kurta–that too to the song ‘Genda Phool’ from ‘Delhi-6’ movie. It was funny…but mostly it seemed desperate.

It is quite evident that the younger Bachan is clearly more in his element doing comedy then being forced to act as a stereotypical hero. He should chart out his path independent of his clan’s expectations–we are in need of a good comic–think Robin Williams or Will Smith!

Dancing at the Grand Finale

Dancing at the Grand Finale

Then there was the grand finale–with Ash riding in a doli–much like her movie ‘Jodha Akbar’. Okay okay, we get it–you princess–but please don’t bore us! The song and dance number seemed more like a fast forward viewing of her glory days–establishing Aishwarya as a ‘has-been’ top actress–rather then ‘still-is’.

(Look out for more in Part Two–Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, and the missing Khans)